So you want to help your whistleblower friend

If you want to help your friend who has already blown the whistle and if your friend is not seeking help for whatever reason try give some of the information on the following points:

1. Did your friend write to any one concerned in the organisation about the malpractices ?

2. Did your friend inform any other person outside the organisation in writing about the malpractices

3. Did your friend inform you about the problems he was facing before he was harassed by his superiors ?

4. Did your friend keep any diary about the things that were happening?

5. Did your friend mentioned to anyone in writing the is being harassed for his opposition to malpractices?

6. Did your friend mention that there are witnesses or documents available to establish the malpractices

7. Whether your friend after his organisation ignoried his complaints approached any Statutory Authority?

8. Did your friend mention about the malpractices to any of his close relatives or friend ?

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