How you can help?

The following types of help you can expect provided you are honest in giving the needed information and your identity and information would be given to others only when absolutely needed and that too after obtaining your written permission. What is utmost important for a whistleblower is to be legally right all the time.You do not have to reveal your identity in full in the beginning but you can pose your problem as a hypothetical one.

1. You get advice on what to do , whom to contact if you are outside the purview of the CVC

2. After discussing with at least five other people with needed expertise and experience , you would be helped to develop a strategy keeping your long term interests

3.You would also be advised as to how to take care of yourself and your family members

4. You would also to be told about what you should never do

5 If you have never blown a whistle earlier, we take through what minimum preparations you should make

6. Arrangements would be made to provide media attention if the situation demands and if for any reason your approaching the media is not desirable/possible

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