Why Honest People Should Unite To Help Whistleblowers In Their Fight Against Corruption?


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“The war against Corruption is the Mother of all Wars.”
“Corruption: The enemy within us and around.”
Turning a blind eye to corruption is worse than corruption itself. Therefore, if you see any wrong doing,report immediately to the authorities

The above quotations are taken from GOI websites.Each of the above quotation also expects every Government Servant also to act. In fact a proper reading of the AIS Rules makes it an obligatory duty on the part of every AIS Officer to become whistleblower if the situation warrants.

Further whistleblowing is the only effective way available today to fight corruption at high level

If various reports on the fight against corruption are seen one would be surprised by the fact that most of these reports remain totally silent about the role of honest government servants in the direct fight against corruption. The only exception being the report of the Second Administrative Reforms commission on Ethics in Governance and the related extract from the report is given here. It is clear that not only whistleblowing is to be encouraged in the larger interest of the nation , the ARC even recommends penal action against those who obstruct whistleblowers. Honest Officers have to go that extra mile than just recording their views on files and this is possible by whistleblowing only. GOI has accepted these recommendations made by ARC and it is not clear whether these recommendations accepted by GOI have been incorporated in the Public Interest Disclosure (Protection of Informers) Bill, 2010 cleared by the Union Cabinet of India on 9/8/10

GOI made a Resolution in 1964 to create CVC and statutory status was given only in 2003

GOI made another resolution in 2004 empowering CVC to receive Whistleblowers' complaints. This was done subsequent to the murder of whistleblower Sri Satyendra Dubey. CVC is the “Designated Agency” under the ‘Public Interest Disclosure Protection of Informer Resolution’, popularly known as the ‘Whistle Blowers’ Resolution’. But it is to be noted that any officer including AIS officers working in State Governments are not covered by this Resolution . But a letter of 2004 from Government of India requires even state governments to set up a forum to protect honest officials from being harassed for taking principled stand. But most states have not bothered to act on this letter. The Administrative Reforms Commission has also recommended for passing an Act to Protect Whistleblowers. The United Nation Convention against Corruption for which India is a signatory also requires statutory protection to whistleblowers.As most whistleblowers outside the purview of CVC do not have any protection and are subjected to various retaliations by the corrupt and what an whistleblower undergoes for being honest can be seen here. It is very helpful to read the SC order penalizing the CVC in a whistleblower's case (5/8/10). Though in the second week of Aug 2010 the Union Cabinet cleared the whistleblowers Bill, the draft Bill is not made available in the public domain

Out of 328 complaints received in 2007 by the CVC from whistleblowers 80 were verifiable in nature, while only 727 were verifable out of 11248 complaints received from others show the need to encourage whistleblowing.ie 24.4% against 6.4%. But if proper protection and training is given (UN convention against Corruption if ratified expects to do so) then we can see the benefits to our country as more people would come forward to become whistleblowers . This would have an effect on corruption. What is needed is the coming together of honest people in every walks of life to help Whistleblowers. This is because it may be difficult for every honest officer to become a whistleblower, but it is not at all difficult for honest officers to help whistleblowers.

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