So you want to be a whistleblower?

So you want to fight corruption by whistleblowing and you are not working in one one of the organizations coming under the purview of the CVC. Then you do not have any protection. Whistleblowing under such a circumstance calls for adopting a strategy as even lives of not only the whistleblower but his dependents also could be in grave danger. As any strategy used to against the powerful corrupt people has to be made known only to those serious and determined to blow whistle please see if you are prepared to face some or all of of these . Please go through these carefully as these are based on worldwide study of whistleblowers around the world

Now that you know what to expect and if you decide tobe a whistleblower then contact moc.liamg|sainaelc#moc.liamg|sainaelc for further course of action. If you are in a private listed company and decide to blow the whistle then you may get protection if the company has whistleblower policy otherwise contact us. In case you are working in a company which is not having a whistleblower policy, then a strategy depending on the institutions which interact with your company would have to be used to workout a strategy.

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